Benzodiazepines must be reduced on a yearly basis!

    Are you not prescribed those medications…? alprazolam、etizoram、brotizolam、Flunitorazepam、Nitorazepam、lorazepam、Loflazepate、Bromazepam、Brotizolam、Clonazepam, etc...

    This site was made based on my actual experience for 7 million benzodiazepine medicated patients in Japan who continue having them without knowing its destructive risks.

    Most sleeping pills, anxiolytics, and muscle relaxants prescribed in Japan are Benzodiazepines.

    Benzodiazepines are regulated and drug treated in UK and AUS.

    The fact that benzodiazepine drugs have serious risk is a common sense in those countries, It is legally regulated that the prescription period should not exceed 2~4 weeks. Japan is the only advanced country prescribed indefinitely. Many patients have been prescribed for more than a few years, and also multiple types of benzodiazepine drugs.
    Correction: My research disclosed this fact is not only Japan but most of other advanced countries such as USA, CA and EU.

    Furthermore, among Asian countries whose regulations are not being developed, Japan's benzo consumption is outstanding.

    And ultimately, Prescription of the sedative-hypnotics is the worst record in the world.(from 2015 year INCB data. S-DDD value)

    S-DDD値 2015年INCBデータ

    (S-DDD value: How many tablets are consumed per 1,000 people, per day. In Japan, sleeping pills are consumed 57 tablets / thousand people per day.)

    In case of anxiolytics, Japan is 13th bad including depas (etizoram) < cal by 2mg etizoram = 1 dose>

    【Why is it the biggest drug injury】

    ーComparison of the number of victimsー

    Aids injury by hemophilia formulation:1800
    Hepatitis injury:Estimated over 10,000 people
    Cervical cancer vaccine:over 1,739 people

    Benzodiazepine:Estimated 3,650,000 people ( Half of 7.3 million long-term benzo users are estimated to be dependent formation.)

    As a dressing, or temporary use for a few days, it is a very good medicine with immediate effect. It may be used before surgery or emergency care.

    However, if it is used for a long period of time, even with a small amount, it is extremely difficult to quit, saying that it is dependent on regular usage. (IT IS PHYSICALLY DEPENDENT. NOT MENTAL.) Cold Turky, or the short term withdrawal makes it "Living Hell" "Torture". It is likely to suffer for years with the protracted withdrawal symptoms that say.

    The withdrawal from benzo is more difficult than a stimulant drug, heroin, or opioid.
    it is a devil drug rather than a drug

    Instead, of all long term prescribes, "about half" people will be dependent.

    Another half people can easily stop it,   Its pharmacological causes have not been elucidated. However, it is proved statistically.(long term = more than 1 month.)

    In Japan and other countries too, there are many doctors with erroneous recognition that it is safe to have even if you have for the rest of your entire life, it has been preserved for a long term and it has been easily prescribed.

    By the way, 65% of Benzo prescription is "outside the psychiatry department"

    • Gynecology (PMS)
    • otolaryngology (Dizziness)
    • Orthopedic surgeon (Stiff shoulder)
    • dermatology (Atopy)
    • Urology department (frequent urination)
    • Neurology department (Stomach pain)
    • Dental (temporomandibular joint disease)

    If no organic abnormality is found, which doctor will "give out stabilizer (anxiolytics)" is not it?
    "For now, OK I will prescribe benzo (like a candy)."

    About 7.3 million Japanese people currently take Benzo over a long period of time.(October 2018 Integration from NDB open data by Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare

    You may possibly also be a long-term supporter of benzodiazepines reading this. If you are on some medicine, give a sudden look of Benzodiazepines Drug List Page There are 34 types of benzo prescribed in Japan

    "I was not having it!"  Was good! ok..., still your family? Relatives? Company colleagues, men, bosses?

    Some Benzo sleeping pills treat it as drugs in the United States and so on, and there are things that are arrested and imprisoned as a result of cheating. (Flunitorazepam、フルニトラゼパム、サイレース)。

    If you are a manager or personnel, check it before you order business trips / appointments!

    Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare admitted the dependence on benzodiazepine on the regular dose on March 21, 2017 finally in Japan. Then urged attention to medical institutions and dispensing pharmacies nationwide.

    And since April 2018, max prescriptionable of benzo is restricted until three types.

    "Benzodiazepines have serious dependency risk of medication"

    Being late for UK Decades have finally come to be recognized in Japan.

    But, Severity of withdrawal symptoms, and the reduction method are not shared yet at all.

    And it is not taken up at all in the media that Benzo is extraordinarily spreading in Japan, USA as well.

    When you quit at the pace just as your doctor's instruction, you will find yourself it is withdrawal symptoms due to benzo reduction, for example, because there are many strange horror symptoms besides insomnia / anxiety which was the original symptom.

    Congratulations if you do not have it! You are a lucky one who are not "half bingos" dependence formed!  You can take it off just as your doctor pays.

    If withdrawal symptoms occur immediately reinstate the original dose, if necessary increase the dose, stabilize symptoms, then do yearly dosage reduction by a micro tapering!!!

    Example pace as the doctor's instruction = "Divide by half, a few weeks in a quarter, and then to 0".

    • Withdrawal symptoms didn't occur during drug reduction for several months
    • I managed to recover with withdrawal symptoms for a few weeks after half a year of drug reduction and discontinuation
    • Insomnia and muscle stiffness continued for 1 month, but I got to sleep and recovered
    • After cold turky, I became bedridden with 2 - 3 months withdrawal symptoms, but after that I returned to work

    There are also such people, but that is in the first place, it was not composed of benzo-dependent formation.
    He/She was good for drugs.
    or, it was a anti-benzo with relatively weak titer (Myslee, Amovan. Thus Z-drugs).

    It can be said that it is an exceptional case anyway.

    Do not follow such a case!

    In the case of benzo, discontinueing drugs in a few months is almost same as a cold turkey/rapid tapering.

    If you reduce your medication according to the exceptional case, there is a possibility that the dead one may be hurt by the horrible symptoms, and the aftereffects may remain rest of your life. (Again, the withdrawal symptoms of benzo are far more severe than the withdrawal symptoms of narcotics)
    Symptoms become more and more intense after discontinuation, it will be unbearable half a year to a year later and the reinstatement will not be effective.

    On the contrary, if you take care of reducing medication on a yearly basis with tapering, the daily depressive work will be a bit bothersome, with minimal symptoms, you may be able to reduce it even while working.

    Ashton Manual:  Reading it carefully is essential.

    Since it was created in the 20th century, please think that it is an old but essential textbook as an information. (In the UK where the Ashton manual was made, Benzo 's problem ended in the 20th century.)

    Ashton manual can be downloaded online. → click

    //// Specific reduction method ////

    Please refer Liquid micro tapering ※ Those who have already read the Ashton manual can understand, but the pace of drug reduction is too fast even in the Ashton Manual.There are also some minor mistakes in Ashton. Please study this site and Twitter (planned to be opened) because we will send information with small grain size.

    Benzodiazepine reduction is on a yearly basis! ! ! !

    I will introduce a book to be helpful.

    Benzodiazepine reduction is on a yearly basis! ! ! ! 







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